• Delicious

Jump into a totally unique and original context. Cruise under blue skies on a 2000lb land yacht complete with a teak bar and dancing platform for those in your party without seats–or who just can’t help dancing to the music. As your caravan glides past the beautiful scenery of the most vibrant ski town in America, you might be cranking away on the pedals or just sitting back and being the non-peddling comedian in the group (don’t worry, it’s easy to keep up the 6 mile-an-hour pace even missing a few legs). Take your time on the slight uphills and keep rhythm with the music, then brace for the thrilling downhill in front of the Limelight and throw your hands in the air as you blaze past cars with thumbs-upping arms sticking out their windows. You are a scene from a movie. At least half the people on the side walk are either waving, dancing, or taking video of your private traveling party. Faces of amazing wonderment and joy are worn by your friends on either side of the pedaling line-up. You may have forgotten exactly what you were celebrating and this point–birthday, wedding, graduation, or bachelor party–but the gang is going home with some wonderful out-of-the ordinary memories–that’s a sure thing. Check out our awesome packages below then call to book today!  970 295 4030

The lights under the bar are shifting gradually between green, red, and blue illuminating the silver underpanel. Your favorite song by Tom Petty is playing on the speakers and the sun is almost set. Your chariot awaits. Your friends never expected this. You’re all hungry but the mood is too good to stop. You make three runs around town before dinner and then two after. People leave dinner early just to sit outside with the evening air, music, and shifting light show. It’s a night of celebration and your group has the only vehicle in town capable of mobilizing a completely open-air, motor-free, exclusive party. This wasn’t just another dinner, live show at the Wheeler, or concert in the park. This was different. Call to book today!  970 295 4030